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eSwarnim is a young company. However, our Team Members have worked with the best in the industry. By working with such high-caliber teams of software developers at Phoenix Technologies Ltd, GuardianEdge (aka Symantec), TriCipher (aka VMWare), Shiptech America Charleston South Carolina, Southern Company Atlanta GA, our team members have learned a tremendous amount about successful software development, customer relationships, and the importance of teamwork. The team's dedication is unflenching towards success of each project eSwarnim takes up. This is a testament to the power of eSwarnim positive team dynamics.

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Some of the companies where our Team Members worked and gained invaluable experience


Our Vision

In 2011, eSwarnim started with custom implementation of open source EJBCA and SafeNet Luna SA HSM for a National Certificate Authority.

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Why We Are The Best...

  • Vision

    To emerge as a vibrant Software Development Company providing unparalleled service to clients.

  • Experience

    Experience is critical to understand and relate to client's requirements, we have this.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to know our customers and meet their needs better than anyone else..

  • Software Engineering

    We have worked in 27 computing languages and all modern computing technologies.


Yes, your efforts are absolutely worthy of compliment, I am sorry if I have not been overly clear about that.

Andrew Carlson - TransAuth, LLC.

We have overall been very impressed with eSwarnim. Two areas in particular stand out and differentiate them from others: the quality of their engineers and software development talent—and their willingness and ability to partner with us..


"Pls refer to the mail below from ..., he says "hats off" to you." - "Whoever drafted ... did a very good job, hats off to him.."

Mir Masud Kabir - Mango Teleservices Limited


Rameshwar Saran | Director and CEO

Rameshwar has worked as member of Software Architecture Review Boards of several internationally known companies working in the field of Software Development. He has over 35 years of professional experience including as Manager Research and Development General Electric Company. His recent assignments have been in the role of Architect with companies such as Phoenix Technologies Ltd, GuardianEdge (Symantec), TriCipher (VMWare) etc. In 2008 the product on which he worked won Popular Science's 'Best of What's New' award, considered one of the 50 most important technological software breakthroughs.

Mithilesh Pandey | Software Development Team Lead

Mithilesh has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science & Engineering. He has experience with the software development lifecycle including: requirements definition, specification capture, software architecture/design, program development, associated documentation, test automation, and maintenance. He is energetic, and enthusiastic with pro-active, and problem-solving attitude. Gets things done.

Vishal Gautam | Director and CCO

Vishal Gautam is responsible for finance, governance, human resource management, information services, and marketing and communication functions. He has 10 years of technology industry experience, holding numerous executive positions at companies such as Binary Semantics, Labrats and WebLogics. He coordinates closely with Company's sales and marketing leadership on business development, channel partner relationships, customer service and new vertical market opportunities.

Mr. Shakti Saran | Director and CTO

Shakti has extensive experience in developing, implementing and managing business critical IT solutions across large and complex organisations. He completed his Bachelor's in Computer Science from Georgia Institutue of Technology, Atlanta, USA where he was awarded “Lifetime Membership” certificate in recognition of outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service from National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Washington DC, USA. While working for Southern Company in Atlanta he received the "Key Contributor" award (certificate and money) from the Director of Financial Planning and Analysis department at Southern Company for the Design and Development of MAP (Modelling, Analysis and Planning) solution that brought in several technical and financial professionals for over one year.

C | P

B | P

Saurabh K Singh | Software Development Team Lead

Saurabh holds Master of Compuer Application degree. He is well versed in all facets of the software development process including researching, designing, implementing, and testing software. He has good skills in logical thinking, creative problem-solving and communication with a passion for coding.

D | P

A | P


EJBCA is an Open Source PKI Certificate Authority software, built using Java (JEE) technology. It is a robust, high performance, platform independent, flexible, and component based CA to be used stand-alone or integrated in other JEE applications.

Reference Installations
  • Ministry of Defence, France
  • Ministry of finances, France
  • National Swedish Police Board
  • More ..

Our experience Based on EJBCA and Safe-Net HSM, we designed, implemented, and commissioned Mango CA, Dhaka, National Certificate Authority of Bangladesh.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short-wavelength radio transmissions in the ISM band from from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs) with high levels of security.

Bluetooth Special Interest Group
eSwarnim is a proud member of SIG. Bluetooth is managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which has as its member companies in the areas of telecommunication, computing, networking, and consumer electronics.

Our experience We recently developed a Patent Pending application for Authentication and One-Time Password management using Bluetooth Devices for TransAuth, LLC USA.

Identity and Access Management

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution from eSwarnim enables more secure, identity-based access to systems, applications, and data both on premises and in the cloud from virtually any location or device.

Key benefits
  • Provide access practically anywhere
  • Integrate and extend security across the organization and beyond through trusted environments
  • Simplify the security and compliance management experience

Our experience We recently developed a Patent Pending application for Identity Management.

Crypto Secure

eSwarnim is trusted by the industry to provide data protection solutions to the most sensitive data. We develop dedicated data protection solutions for our clients. Our data protection solutions ensure high value information is secure throughout its' lifecycle, providing data security from the data center to the cloud.

Features of Data Protection Solutions Our solutions are loaded with powerful features that users concerned with protecting data from prying eyes will find robust and comprehensive. The most advanced and trusted encryption algorithms such as AES256 are used.

Some of our developed products
SilentVault - For client SilentFront Systems and Software Solutions Private Limited
WonderCrypt - For client Wonder Software Technologies Private Limited

.NET Platform

eSwarnim helps companies design, develop and integrate business solutions based on the .NET platform from its offshore development center in Indirapuram, India.

.Net Application Development Services
The Microsoft .NET platform continues to have a significant impact on the way applications are developed for the Internet. Employing open standards and Web service protocols, .NET greatly improves the interoperability of systems and helps companies more easily utilize applications and data from customers, suppliers and partners.
The .NET architecture can help businesses better leverage the software assets they already have, while enabling them to rapidly add and use new software services. It can also be employed to reduce application complexity and the related costs of developing and maintaining software.

Our .NET development expertise includes, but not limited to:
  • .NET system design and application development
  • Developing web services using the .NET framework and the SOAP toolkit
  • Re-engineering applications to .NET from legacy systems
  • Migrating web and desktop applications to .NET
  • Managing application upgrades
  • Developing application interfaces (APIs)
  • Enabling remote/mobile access to applications

Java Platform

With a talent-pool of JAVA engineers, including Java professionals with over 15 years of experience, eSwarnim delivers state of art solutions using recent Java Standard, Enterprise and Mobile technologies.

Java Technology Services
- Development of distributed cross-platform enterprise applications
- Legacy migration / re-engineering of applications to the Java platform
- Integration of applications, using open standards -- SOAP, REST, XML-RPC, ebXML, etc
- Development of rich-GUI desktop and web applications using Java and open-source frameworks
- Developing applications for mobile- and smart- phones
- Contributing to open-source Java projects

Development Approach and Tools: To implement Java projects, eSwarnim uses a proven set of open-source and commercial tools, enabling effective implementation and testing of Java applications:
  • IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans
  • Version Control: Subversion, CVS, ClearCase
  • Unit Testing: jUnit, Cobertura,
  • Static Code Analysis: CheckStyle, FindBugs, PMD
  • Build and Contineous Integration: Hudson, Ant, Maven, CruiseControl
  • Functional Automatic Testing: Selenium, Fitness
  • Issue and Bug-tracking: Jira, Mantiss

Mobile Applications

eSwarnim offers its clients a broad spectrum of mobile application development services. The company is not restricted to developing a particular class of applications - any mobile apps can be designed, customized and ported to another platform.
eSwarnim works with all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Deep knowledge of the latest trends in mobile technology enables eSwarnim to develop custom mobile apps for a number of platforms and helps migrate existing software products to mobile devices.

Mobile Technology Services
- Development of applications for all major mobile operating systems and platforms
- Migration of existing legacy products to modern mobile platforms
- Re-engineering of mobile applications, performance optimization
- Creation of complex client-server solutions working with mobile terminals and other types of portable devices
- Integration of mobile applications into existing enterprise IT infrastructures
- Provision of consulting services in the mobile technologies field

The company’s current mobile portfolio
The company’s current mobile portfolio includes:
  • Custom QR code scanner
  • Location–based services platform
  • Remote server monitoring client
  • Portable medical database solution
  • Data backup tool
  • IM client for a Social Enging

eSwarnim Expertize

eSwarnim has delivered products and solution in the following Information Technology areas -

Areas of Knowledge and Experience
  • Computing Languages: Java, C, C++, C#, VB, PHP, Perl, Databases, Assembly, RealBasic, Power Basic, HTML, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, and more...
  • Microsoft Technologies: Windows Core Win32 API, MSMQ, ADSI, ATL, COM, STL, Web Services, WinSock, MSXML, WMI, Microsoft Visual Studio 1.5/ 6 / 7 (2003) / 8 (2005) / 9 (2008) and Team System.
  • Java Technologies: Java EE, JDK 1.1, 1.2, 1.4/1.5/1.6/7, Metro Web Services Stack, JNI (Java Native Interface), JCE (Java Cryptography Extension), JCA (Java Cryptography Architecture) and JSP. Spring, Struts, Hibernate, XML/XSLT, Java Beans, and JSF etc.
  • Systems and Windows Internals: Driver development using WDM (Windows Driver Model) for Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, and Windows 98. Good knowledge of Windows DDK (Driver Development Kit), WDK (Windows Driver Kit) and IFS (Installable File System). The latest driver I worked was based on KMDF and used System Management Mode to converse with System BIOS.
  • Cryptographic Software Development: Used Bouncy Castle Lightweight Cryptography API in Java for AES & ABA JCE for DES implementation. Windows Cryptography. RSA Cryptography.
  • Identity & Access Management Systems: Wrote Custom Authentication modules (Java code) for CA eTrust SiteMinder and for Sun Access Manager (C++ code).
  • LDAP Directory Services: Used C/C++/C#/ADSI to write MS Active Directory replication program, and JNDI to write code for updating Sun Directory Server.
  • USB Security Tokens and Smart Cards: Used PKCS#11 API for SafeNet, Aladdin and Schlumberger in data security solutions.
  • Hardware Security Modules – SafeNet HSM Luna
  • Bluetooth and Wireless: Writing Web Service application for Bluetooth device tracking that will work with Wireless Communication Library. Member SIG Bluetooth.
  • Certificate Authorities – Enterprise Java Beans Certificate Authority, Microsoft Active Directory based Certificate Authority.
  • Databases: MSSQL Server, MySQL, PosgreSQL, and SQLite.
  • Web Development: Macromedia Flash, ActionScript, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe ImageReady, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and CGI.
  • Installation: InstallShield, Windows Installer – MSI and Orca, InnoScript.
  • Revision Control Systems: SVN, CVS, Perforce, VSS.
  • Software Engineering Processes and Tools: Agile, Extreme, Microsoft Solution Framework, UML, ORM, CRCs, Visio, and SDLC Threat Modelling Tool, etc.

Desktop and Mobile Applications

The company’s current desktop and mobile product and solution portfolio includes:
  • Custom Credential Provider for Windows Logon
  • Authentication Solution
  • Custom QR code scanner
  • Location–based services platform
  • On-The-Fly-Encryption solution for data protection program
  • Remote server monitoring client
  • Portable medical database solution
  • Email and Document signing with Digital Signature
  • Graphical Identification and Notification program
  • Data backup tool
  • IM client for a Social Engine
  • Bluetooth Proximity Detector for Identification
  • Time-based One-Time Password Generator for iOS and Android
  • Counter-based One-Time Password Generator for iOS and Android
  • More..

Web and Networking Applications

The company’s current web and networking product and solution portfolio includes:
  • One-Time-Password Solution for IAAS
  • Integrating FreeRADIUS with Active Directory Backend for Accounting
  • SiteMinder integration with LDAP
  • Web sites for E-Commerce
  • Inter-site process authentication using WCF
  • Remote server monitoring client
  • Online School Management Software
  • Online Document Signing Digital Signature Program
  • WordPress plugins
  • Data backup tool
  • Setup Certificate Authority using EJBCA and HSM
  • Bluetooth Proximity Detector for Identification
  • Online Library Software
  • Online Secured Patient Record Program
  • More..

Software development and support

To date eSwarnim has successfully implemented projects of different size and with different technologies. Still every project targeted a common goal: bringing cost, quality and technical benefits to the end client.

Due to extensive software technology expertise and deep knowledge of our IT-professionals eSwarnim offers a complete set of software development services:

SoftWare Development Services

All of our software development services go in hand with the company-wide quality assurance process. eSwarnim Solutions Quality Management System (QMS) has taken necessary steps to comply with ISO/9001:2000 standard. However, the accumulation of experience and best practices for state-of-the-art and reliable software delivery process was started since the very first days of company’s existence.

Project Scope

eSwarnim can take up a part of or the complete software development process from the client: starting from the Analysis phase and ending with go-live deployment:

Project Scope

As an example, eSwarnim can deliver the following services on its own or in cooperation with the in-house team or IT department of the client:

  1. Authoring of the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) or User-Stories
  2. Solution Prototyping and Software Architecture design
  3. Coding or code-review in compliance with SRS and architecture
  4. Testplan review, or Testing and quality assurance of a software product

Project methodology

Multi-year experience of Team eSwarnim in the software development outsourcing market has proven that no software development methodology by itself – be that CMMI or Agile – is a universal solution for every specific project goals, budget and timelines.

eSwarnim defines the specific approach to the implementation of a project at the beginning of the cooperation. We ensure transparency and quality of its implementation by the following practices:

  1. Dedicated project coordinator. Client Account Manager for challenging project situations or escalations.
  2. Detailed project planning and regular status updates with corresponding tooling, e.g. MS Project Server or Jira with Scrum-plugin, so at any time you have the latest information about the actual progress.
  3. Documented source code implemented in compliance with the latest industry standards, checked with automated Coding and Style review tools.
  4. If practical, we create also automated testing on the basis of unit tests or automated functional/GUI tests.

Per client request or for long-term big engagements eSwarnim can also offer onsite Project Manager.

To discuss a potential project with us, you do not need the complete project documentation, instead just call us to appoint a personal meeting and discuss the desired goals and further steps toward them.

Process and Quality

eSwarnim adheres to a quality management system to comply with the ISO-9001:2000 standard, ensuring that the company standards and processes are defined and constantly improved to deliver the best possible results in every project.

The qualification of the involved specialists is a critical success factor in every project. However, it is also a defined process and effective mutual workflow with the client that are crucial for the quality of the deliverables and overall success of a software development outsourcing project.Process & Quality

Quality is a manifold notion within the software development services. eSwarnim defines and optimizes the distributed development process from the three fundamental perspectives:

  1. The quality of technical implementation and compliance with the software product requirements;
  2. Efficiency of the project organization and communication;
  3. Linking and optimizing processes between the client and SaM Solutions.

The synergy of these three elements is the eSwarnim concept for a lasting and effective cooperation with the highest quality of software development services.

Quality of Technical Implementation

The quality of project deliverables can be ensured only through a defined and constantly monitored and improved development process. eSwarnim uses Open-Up as initial framework for the development process definition, to ensure high quality of the source code and documentation. The following quality assurance measures are used:

  1. Requirements review and test-traceability
  2. Architecture and Design reviews
  3. Automated static code analysis and inspections
  4. Peer code reviews
  5. Test-driven development (Unit-Testing and Continuous Integration)
  6. Functional, Performance, Configuration and Stress Testing

Efficiency of Project Organization

Project goals cannot be effectively reached without effective project organization and communication between the participants. eSwarnim Project Management Office (PMO) is the internal organizational body responsible for deployment of a corporate-wide standards and best practices; ensuring transparency and manageability of every project:

  1. Reviews and standardization of project artifacts
  2. Project planning and reporting within MS Project Server enterprise platform
  3. Establishment of integrated project communications (if required, also with the help of eSwarnim Project Managers onsite at the client’s premises)

Optimization of the Mutual Workflow

Whether the client already has a standard procedure for the integration of new suppliers, or makes a first attempt of working with an external outsourcing provider, the integration of a new partner is always an important and challenging step for both sides.

In every project the mutual workflow between the partners must be defined and remain transparent. eSwarnim experience in the software outsourcing business has proved that no implementation method by itself – be that RUP, CMMI, or Agile – is a one-fits-all solution for every project goals, budget and timeframe.

With our every new client, as well as with the existing partners, eSwarnim Team brings in over 70 years of its combined intellectual capital with the best approaches to project organization and possible impacts on the existing business processes of the client.

Better Project Results with Scrum

Scrum is an agile development process framework intended for quicker project results, progress transparency and enhanced business value. eSwarnim Team has several years of experience applying Scrum approach to software applications development in projects of different sizes and complexity.

Focus on Business Value

Scrum brings new opportunities for medium-size businesses, ensuring value-driven and quicker results without the initial investment in detailed software requirements documentation. Scrum lean process is easy to adopt and use (Just 4 roles, 4 documents and 5 procedures), and it allows focusing on deliverables instead of formalities. Scrum requires intensive people communication and interaction, and the rewards are:

  1. Feature-centric requirements management and prioritization
  2. Constant user feedback, instant reaction to changes
  3. Quick, time-boxed (2-4 weeks) release cycles

What the client receives is working software at guaranteed release dates with business-critical features first.

SCRUM Process

Better Scrum with Best Talent

eSwarnim implements projects under the Scrum framework, using its pool of software engineers. We have collected best-practices and multi-year experience to ensure that even geographically distributed teams can effectively communicate and collaborate. Thus, we ensure lean process and lean cost.

The diagram below presents a high-level view on the framework of distributed Scrum-Teams.


If you’d like to learn more how Scrum combined with Nearshore capacities can work for your projects, please do not hesitate to contact us:

C++ Proficiency Backed by Years of Experience

C/C++ programming language provides core capabilities and benefits offered by object-oriented programming. C/C++ allows developers to reuse certain common libraries to save time and cost.eSwarnim C++ software development expertise has amassed through years of project engagements along with team's collective experience across the following:

Application Development
  • Win32 API with Visual Studio
  • Microsoft SDK
  • MinGW
  • GCC
  • MFC
  • MSMQ
Device Drivers
  • Developing, supporting and validating storage device drivers
  • Porting device drivers to various operating systems
  • Kernel debugging to assist driver development
  • Developing device drivers for custom hardware
File Systems and Storage
  • Migrating file systems
  • Porting file systems over UNIX and Windows
  • Debugging techniques to provide support services over storage products
  • Developing storage management and storage virtualization
Security and Identity Management
  • Identity Management systems like Open LDAP
  • Security subsystems using Kerberos implementation and PAM development
  • OpenSSL for implementing various hashing and encryption algorithms
UI Development
  • UI development using MFC, wxWidgets, GTK+
  • Web-based interfaces using C++ Web Server CGI Toolkits
  • XML parsers and XML writers
  • Database connectivity
  • Shell Scripting and PERL scripting
  • Network wrappers over SSH, HTTP, HTTPS
  • More..

Systems Programming

eSwarnim team for System Programming technology is being headed by Rameshwar, who worked with Phoenix Technologies, Milpitas, CA as an Architect. The team is able to build the right solution suitable for your business needs.

Since the dawn of the personal computer age, Phoenix has been at the forefront of innovation - literally bringing the core elements of PCs together and making them work together. Thirty years ago, Phoenix’s core systems software helped launch the PC industry with its original BIOS (basic input-output system) product. It’s estimated that Phoenix products are incorporated into over 125 million computing devices every year, making Phoenix the worldwide market share leader in the Core System Software sector.

eSwarnim has developed for its clients programs to maintain and control computer systems software, such as operating systems and remotely managed systems. These programs contain instructions that determine how the network, workstations, and CPU of the system handle the various jobs they have been given and how they communicate with peripheral equipment such as printers and disk drives.

eSwarnim offers services in the following areas
  • Device drivers for Windows & Linux
  • Drivers for modern bus systems such as USB, IEEE 1394 (also known as FireWire or i.Link™), and Blue tooth
  • USB application development for Windows & Linux
  • USB device drivers for Windows & Linux
  • Encryption technologies
  • File Systems like CIFS, NFS iSCSI ,FC/IP
  • Volume management, Replication
  • File Access Protocols
  • Smart card applications
  • Network performance management and monitoring
  • System-level Windows applications and function libraries


For fast, robust and cost-effective WEB solutions, eSwarnim with a pool of experienced PHP developers provides full cycle PHP development services.

LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP),
WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP),
Custom platforms (e.g. IIS, MSSQL, PHP)
Frontend / RIA
Frameworks: Yii, Zend, Symfony, PhpMVC,
Technologies: PHP5, PHP4,
Libraries: PEAR, Smarty
Visualization: GPgraph, GD2, ChartDirector, fPDF
Applications integration: XML, SOAP, REST
Web syndication: RSS
Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Made Simple
e - Commerce
Magento, PrestaShop, ShopWare, VamShop
Automated Testing
PhpUnit, Selenium
Continuous integration
Hudson, PhpUnderControl

Scope of Engagement
  • New product design and development
  • Existing product redesign and Web 2.0 features implementation
  • Established product support and maintenance
  • CMS customization, templates and components development

Technical solutions expertise
  • Design of easy-maintainable web applications, using MVC pattern
  • Cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon API, Google API
  • Components development (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress)
  • Integration of applications (XML, SOAP, REST)
  • Development of rich GUI web applications (JQuery, Dojo, JSON, CSS + PHP/MySQL)
  • Legacy re-engineering
  • PHP migration to newer PHP versions
  • Automated testing of web applications

Mango Certificate Authority

Mango CA, the certification authority division of Mango Teleservices Limited, is a third Trusted Party and the first only entity in Bangladesh to introduce Digital Certificates and SSL certificates for government agencies, businesses and individuals. Mango has world class network, equipment, team and international carrier partners.

To MangoCA, eSwarnim has provided turn-key solution to establish the Certificate Authority using Open Source Enterprise Java Baeans CA (EJBCA) and Safe-Net Hardware security Module (HSM).

Testimonial: Mr. Mir Masud Kabir, Managing Director, Mango Teleservices Limited.
Pls refer to the mail below from ..., he says "hats off" to you."

TransAuth, LLC. USA

TransAuth is into Authentication Solution and Access Control. TransAuth produces solutions to Increase Security, and Improve Experience.

Testimonial: Mr. Andrew Carlson
Yes, your efforts are absolutely worthy of compliment, I am sorry if I have not been overly clear about that.

Australian Wholesalers

Australian Equipment Wholesalers is one of Australia’s fastest growing new and used plant and construction machinery wholesalers.

Testimonial: Mr. Jonathan
We have overall been very impressed with eSwarnim. Two areas in particular stand out and differentiate them from others: the quality of their engineers and software development talent—and their willingness and ability..

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